Newington College cast of Michael Swordfish

Michael Swordfish

KarelSegers PLAYS   Winner for Best Play- Community Theatre and theatre for Young Audiences, AWGIES 2017.


Cake Daddy

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Currently in development – Produced by wreckedAllprods and Outburst Queer Arts Festival by British Council. Long-time Outburst artists and collaborators Lachlan Philpott, Alyson Campbell and Ross Anderson- Doherty (Bison, The Trouble with Harry, GL RY) are coming together with spatulas and wooden spoons to shake, slap and bake Cake Daddy, a chequered Battenberg of a show that will be premiering in full …

Michael Swordfish

Michael Swordfish

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Michael Swordfish- a play about contemporary masculinities. I saw this kid outside the school that morning. Kid from the prep school sitting next to his Dad on a fence. They looked so alike it’s kind of weird like seeing a father ape and his son in the zoo. The Dad was sad and he was staring into space. And the …