Lake Disappointment-Luke Mullins

Lake Disappointment

Lake Disappointment, co-written with Luke Mullins premiered at Carriageworks Sydney between April 20 and 23, 2016. Lake Disappointment 

Kane and me were both rising stars. I was rising to the top of the hand-modelling world and Kane was doing his plays. Kane got his first action film and I became his double. We clicked. Everyone said so. It’s there on screen.

Kane is now one of the world’s hottest movie stars. His body double has been there from the start sharing more than just looks with his famous counterpart.

But just how intertwined are their lives?

Inspired by real life body doubles and Hollywood culture, Lake Disappointment plunges beneath the surface of our image obsessed world and strums an unnerving riff on contemporary identity. Directed by Janice Muller with sound and composition by James Brown.

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