Lost Boys

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Lost Boys production photos by Zakarij Zaczmarek for Merrigong Theatre Company.

Michael Swordfish

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 http://www.currency.com.au/product_detail.aspx?productid=3306   Winner for Best Play- Community Theatre and theatre for Young Audiences, AWGIES 2017.

Cake Daddy

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Currently in development – Produced by wreckedAllprods and Outburst Queer Arts Festival by British Council. Long-time Outburst artists and collaborators Lachlan Philpott, Alyson Campbell and Ross Anderson- Doherty (Bison, The Trouble with Harry, GL RY) are coming together with spatulas and wooden spoons to shake, slap and bake Cake Daddy, a chequered Battenberg of a show that will be premiering in full …

Little Emperors

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Premiered at Malthouse Melbourne as part of Asia TOPA Festival in February 2017 [director Chong Wang] Shortlisted Nick Enright Drama Prize, NSW Premier's Literary Awards, 2018. QuoteI am four. We are on a bus in the city and we pass Mao’s mausoleum. I ask Mum lots of questions about him and she answers them all softly, efficient as ever.  When I ask ...

Michael Swordfish

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Michael Swordfish- a play about contemporary masculinities. I saw this kid outside the school that morning. Kid from the prep school sitting next to his Dad on a fence. They looked so alike it’s kind of weird like seeing a father ape and his son in the zoo. The Dad was sad and he was staring into space. And the …


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Premiered at Builders Arms Hotel Melbourne 2000 as part of Midwinta Festival director Alyson Campbell Quote‘Gay bar in Barcelona. Every song to the same beat. Midnight. Nobody out. Flick through magazine buff shirtless man on the cover. Bar man in a cloud of smoke pretends I’m not there. Gay bar Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Prague, East Village, San Francisco, Sydney. The ...


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First produced by Australian Theatre for Young People 2009, director Amy Hardingham. Revised version premiered at Kansas State University Manhattan Kansas 2015, directed by Jennifer Vellenga. Shortlisted Best New Australian Play for Young Audiences Australian Writers Guild 2010. QuoteBreathe in deep, can ya smell it? Smell of bus seats. Vinyl and sweat. Nothing nowhere beats that. See the yellow bus? ...

Due Monday

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Premiered at NIDA Parade Studio 2003, director Luke Mollinger. QuotePlayground duty. A circle of boys in the bush. What are you boys doing here in huddles like some gang of... Jeremy Johnson clutches something. What is it you’ve got there? In your hands? He drops it. Boys scatter, standing on eggs, yolk on shoes. A broken nest in the dirt. ...


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Premiered at The Mechanics Institute Brunswick Melbourne 2004 director Alyson Campbell. Nominated best play Melbourne Fringe Awards 2005. QuoteNow I’m further down the street and you are with me sitting like a puppy I push around in a pram. I sometimes wonder what it’d be like to stand at the top of a hill and push you gently from the ...


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First produced at Griffin Theatre May 2008, director Katrina Douglas Winner R.E. Ross Trust Award, Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2006. Quote ‘How is he really? They ask across the dinner table. How is David, really? What do you mean how is he really? He’s fine. He’s a thirty three year old man and he’s.... I stand outside and tap a ...